Tammy Brown - Head Seamstress

Company Background

Sewing is one of the oldest human arts, with a long distinguished history. I focus on continuing this respected tradition by providing quality customer service, superior workmanship, and distinctive designs.

Originally, only wealthy families could afford the services of a seamstress. Times have changed and I strive to make quality apparel affordable and accessible. As a highly skilled seamstress, I have created elaborate garments for many occassions. Being extremely focused on my profession, I have also developed new sewing techniques to contribute to the creation of new fashions.

The services provided extend beyond the creation of custom sewn garments, but also reach to garment mending and alteration. Additionally, I have collaborated with design houses bringing their patterns to life with a keen eye for using fabric effeciently and the understanding of textile science.

About Me

I have more than 35 years of professional experience in the fashion, design and tailoring industry. I have worked with fashion houses, numerous individual clients, and collaborated on various projects producing amazing results.

In addition to my vast experience in the tailoring industry, I am also a West Coast Swing (WCS) Dance Instructor and Swing Dance Champion. My numerous dance accomplishments and information on WCS instruction can be found at www.swingfusion.net.

I am a native Baltimorean, educated in the Baltimore City public school system. At an early age...

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What I Offer

Why Me?

I'm not satisfied until my customers look good and are happy with my work.
I know how someone's self-esteem improves when they have clothing that fits perfectly. Whether I am making a bride's dream come true by putting them in the perfect bridal gown, sewing costumes for a play, altering a suit for a job interview, or simply replacing button on a shirt, I strive to produce completed quality work that satisfies my customer.

I am a skillful seamstress who can fix and mend any clothing problem.
With over 35 years of experience, I have become known as a skillful craftsperson who knows how to makeover a piece of old garment and make it wearable again. Customers come with a wide range of wants and needs. Leveraging the lessons learned while perfecting my craft, each job allows me to showcase my tailoring talents to give my customers what they want.