… I exhibited the desire to express my creative side. When I was 9 years old, I made clothes for my baby dolls with a simple hand needle and thread. When I was 11, my mother gave me a battery operated sewing machine as a Christmas gift. Constructing and creating fashion designs for my baby dolls became so much easier.

By the time I attended Junior High School, my interest in sewing grew. What started as a childhood hobby, began to blossom into something more with the creation of aprons, pillows, and my learning how to knit and crochet. Little did I know, the fun was just beginning.

During my Senior High School years is the time I experienced greater learning experiences, education in the textile sciences, and technical growth. Classes in Home Economics offered sewing as a requirement, which was the perfect foundation for the career path I was to undertake. My sophomore and junior years consisted of my making tops, pants, jackets with matching plaids, button holes, and zipper installation. In addition to these tasks, wearing my creation was a requirement as well. I received a grade of 99 out of 100 on my first major project.

Recognizing I had an exceptional aptitude for sewing, my grandmother purchased a used Brother style tabletop sewing machine for me. At 16 years old and armed with a Butterick pattern, chiffon fabric, and my creative nature, I made my Junior Prom gown. This was the moment that I realized becoming a professional seamstress was a possibility.

I majored in a clothing and tailoring class during my Senior year of High School. A required project for this class was a tailored, lined, and top-stitched coat with a matching skirt. For my efforts, I earned a grade of 100. Now brimming with the confidence of my educational success, at 17, I made my gown for my Senior Prom.

After completing High School, my desire for honing my skills and craftsmanship grew. I worked full-time in a well known Baltimore fabric store for 25 years. Simultaneously, I began operating my home-based business altering clothes, creating men's leisure suit's, gowns for weddings, proms, and formal events.

Now, as a full-time professional seamstress with over 35 years of experience, my joy and love for what I do has not diminished.