Thank you Tammy for the wonderful tailoring of my pants and skirts! As a busy attorney, I don't have much time for shopping and I have even less time to spend searching for a reliable, quality tailor. My prior experiences with tailors left me satisfied, but never truly happy with the work done on my clothes. When I brought my three pairs of pants and skirt to you for alterations, I left you with clothing that had hems that were too long for my 5'5" height. Also although I purchased the right size (14 - 16), the fit of the clothes was unflattering for my body type. As you know, I have a "woman's" body: curvy with hips and yes, some "junk in my trunk." Every time I buy a pair of pants, they have a big gap at the back which I try to fix with a belt, but it never looks quite right. When I walked away with my altered clothes, I received high quality sewing at a reasonable price that made my clothes look as if they were designed just for my body. You made the pants fit my waist so perfectly; I no longer need to use a belt. And you made the skirt fit like a glove. The best thing about your fantastic sewing was that when I went to work the next day, everyone thought I had lost weight! It just goes to show that when your clothes fit right, you look right! I think I've found my tailor for life! I can't thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Kim Jones


Tammy is a super streamstress! She can work with any kind of fabric - no challenge is too hard for her yet the pricing for her work is more than fair. I highly recommend her for men's and women's clothes alterations. No matter how busy Tammy is, she always makes time to meet with me for fittings. Clothes I hadn't worn for years suddenty became wearable again because she tailored them to my body perfectly.
L. Jean


I've tried for years to find a tailor who could alter my clothes the way I wanted them. Finally, I've found one who could do just that with you. I am constantly amazed at how well my clothes fit after they've been altered by you. Even more amazing is how quickly the work is completed. Plus, I am thoroughly satsified with the fact that it doesn't take repeated attempts for you to fix anything I bring you. You have a customer for life. Thanks ever so much.
R. Davis


Thanks for making me beautiful. I looked pretty at the prom. You did a very good job. I loved the dress.


Thank you very much for making my dress for my Junior prom. The dress was beautiful, I appreciate it very much. I got so many compliments; my mother said I looked like a million bucks. You truly out-did yourself. Thank you again, I will definitely come back so that you can make my Senior prom dress. Again, thank you. God Bless
Morgan Simmons


I don't know where to start thanking you. Well, thanks for making me look like a princess two times. The dresses were beautiful. And thanks for being so resourceful with the purses, they matched perfectly. Last but not least, thank you for helping with my prom. both of those nights were special. Love you like another Mom.


The National Conference of State Societies (NCSS) wants to start off by saying thank you, not only for your participation in the 95th Anniversary for the 2007 Cherry Blossom Festival, but also for making the contribution that you did. NCSS was chartered to promote friendly and cooperative relations among the various State and Territorial Societies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and to foster and encourage them to participate in educational, cultural, charitable, civic, and patriotic programs.

Additionally, this is the twelfth year working with thc Diplomatic community to expand our International program. NCSS also acts as the contact agent and liaison with thc 56 State and Territorial Societies which have more than 20,000 members. This year was termed as another one of the "most well versed programs" ever for the Princesses and their families, and we believe that it truly was. NCSS has sponsored the Princesses since 1948 and works in conjunction with the Japan Cherry Blossom Association.

Thank you so much for willingness to take on the monumental task of making all the princess and queen sashes this year. They were all beautiful and as you can see from the enclosed photo, looked beautiful on the young ladies. Also enclosed you will find the 2007 Princess Program Book that lists you as a Corporate Sponsor (pg l4). This was a memorable week for these young ladies and as they return to their home states and countries, they carry with them life-long memories of their week as a 2007 Cherry Blossom Princess. Thank you again for your participation and we hope to call on you again for our l00th Anniversary in 2012.
Suzanne New
Princess Chair
National Conference of State Societies